The Economist: Online Dating & Its Global Impact

This informative video from The Economist, published Feb 14, 2018, outlines how online dating has revolutionised how we meet people – it features:

  • Tinder & Bumble founder, Whitney Wolf, celebrating 20 billion online matches around the world through online-dating apps Tinder and Bumble
  • MIT research reports 70% of gay couples now meet online and
  • that online dating is responsible for more connections for the LGBT community and inter-racial couples
  • Interesting facts are those countries with highest registered users: The Netherlands, South Korea and China, where the MOMO dating site boasts 180 million registered users!

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  1. Good Morning!

    Recently and after a long break up, I have been trying to get back into the dating game. After many champagne splashes on my face, Tinder rejections and only xx (not xxx) inside imessages, I have decided to put all of my experience into a guide! I would like to contribute this guide to picking up girls to your blog as I am sure that your readers would very much enjoy reading it and subconsciously thinking to themselves, “gosh, I feel sorry for that guy!”.

    I have saved the article inside my google drive:

    I am very sorry but I did not have the time to find many images (I included a couple only) so I would be grateful if you could add some of your own.

    It would be fab if you could ping me the url of the published post as I would like to show off a little in front of my Facebook friends (and hopefully land a new girlfriend!)

    Have a great day!


    1. Hi Tony, sorry the link didn’t work – please reach out again! Cheers admin@love

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