The Top 10 Traps of Online Dating

Safety is key when online dating – that’s why Love Assist created not one, but two simple, easy to follow videos about the TEN TRAPS. If you like to learn with fun, watch Jordan at the Wellington Zoo – if you prefer a cartoon infomercial, view the video below. Watch both and embed the lessons. These TEN common traps can lead to disaster and romance scams.

If you want more details, read I love you, send money, my personal experience of being a romance scam victim, complete with all the emails and exchanges with “James” the conman. If you prefer a shorter overview, get a copy of the May 2019 North & South magazine. It features, “The Sinister World of Online Scams – Why you’re not too smart to be swindled!” It reports on wider internet scam issues and convey how “scammers ‘groom’ victims on social media or dating sites, luring them into a relationship by creating a fake online persona, and then asking for money – to pay for an airfare so they can come for a visit, perhaps, or to help with a family emergency. In the most serious cases, victims have ended up in jail after being used as international drug mules or to launder money,” (p46).

If you think you may be communicating with someone that fits the ten traps – contact your local police immediately and advise your local internet safety organisation (in NZ this is

Unsure? Join others who have reached out to talk about their concerns. No judgement – I’ve been there remember… Contact us, we are here to help.