The idea for Love Assist Associates had humble beginnings...

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Jordan Alexander, PhD

Founder & CEO

...The founder Jordan Alexander, a well-educated successful business woman, and mother of two, went online dating to find a partner. Her first match ended tragically, in a romance scam costing her $140,000! She wrote:  I love you, send money, a reality read book revealing intimate details of her sordid encounter and exposing secrets of dating site scammers.

Love Assist Associates grew from Dr Alexander's desire to support legitimate love seekers to stay safe when online dating. She wanted to share a 'how-to' approach to find love online, safely. Her personal transformation journey expanded the Love Assist Associates service offer. Her Love Takes Two, It Starts with YOU events provide love lessons including attachment styles and how past experiences influence our views of love and success in relationships.

Love Assist Associates offers a support journey that matches what you uniquely need. Some love seekers need help in writing an online dating site profile, while others need to learn the art of self-love before making healthy attachments.

Jordan's passion is to help love seekers find genuine love connections. She wants everyone to have a strong sense of self-love to ensure a solid foundation for our love journeys...

"I believe that everyone deserves to love and to be loved"

"I am committed to assisting love seekers on their journey to find love, and lasting, healthy, happy relationships"

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Meet the Team

The whole LAA team is addicted to love (in a good way) and passionate about our vision. We enthusiastically work together, around the globe, assisting each other to assist you, on your love journey, wherever that may take you...

Each of our skilled Love Assist Associates is passionate about applying the latest research and tools to provide you with a range of support - from growing love awareness and building relationship skills to acting as 'virtual chaperones' for online daters.

COO & Events Coordinator

Jackie manages all of our logistics for events, seminars and ensures our team continuously improve everything we offer to our wonderful community...

Jackie is Love Assist’s very own handywoman.  Her passion for DIY not only creates meaningful change to homes but also ensures she sees potential in people to thrive and grow. Jackie loves spending time with her family and working with like-minded individuals who care about people.

Jewels Headshot
LAA Network VP & Dating Coach

Jewels selects, trains and matches our LA Associates to meet your needs, and facilitates at events.

She ensures all our coaches are accredited with LAA practices & protocols...

Jewels claims to have people watched since she was 4 years old.  A mother of five, and grandmother of ten, Jewels continues to people watch when she is not travelling, cooking or knitting. She loves sharing her people skills to assist others to find love.

Curriculum & Research VP

Based in Sydney, our psychologist Kate has 30+ years in training, travel, and customer service. She  promotes emotional wellbeing and designs evidence-based programs...

Kate loves swimming at the beach, travelling all over the world and cooking for family and friends.

Community Relations

Catherine is our social media engagement specialist, engaging with our wonderful community and manages our website, events calendar and services...

When Catherine is not growing the Love Assist community, you will catch her with a wine in hand and her nose buried deep in a cheesy romance novel. 

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