Don’t Dive into Online Dating without these 10 Guiding Principles


They seem to be everywhere. The ads for online dating sites, teasing and tempting you to make that nerve-riddled first step and create your account and dive right in.

Like most, you're probably hesitant. Your intuition telling you there are potential dangers involved... "don't do it! It's going to be a disaster" your subconscious screams. Your intuition is smart, because there are risks involved.

The risk you'll meet all the wrong people,

The risk you'll find yourself pretending to be someone you aren't,

or simply the risk you won't know where to start, and falter at the first hurdle.

It's so easy to focus on the negatives, and subsequently hold yourself back.

Love Assist have developed 10 Guiding Principles to help you present yourself authentically and empower you to move forward with a faultless compass. Your guiding principles help you make clear and rational decisions when you become anxious and emotions start to get involved. They enable you to safely navigate and overcome the risks - both real and imagined and ensure you stay safe online.

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