Top 10 Do’s & Don’ts for your Perfect Dating Profile

Find dating frustrating? Attracting anyone but the RIGHT one?

If you’ve been online and are still desperate and dateless, don’t despair – you may just need a profile that pops!

If you were selling your house, you’d market the views, neighbourhood, how amazing it is to live there – You’d shout from the rafters “PICK ME!” Well online dating is similar.
To be successful online, your unique features and benefits must play up the best version of you – it will separate you from the masses. So how do you make your profile perfect?

Whether it’s your first, or you want to improve your possible profile disaster – Try our Love Assist Perfect Profile Prep Quiz – just FLIP each card to learn the MUST DO’s and DEFINITE DON’Ts that will help you find your match faster:

Be authentic in your written profile and pictures… #nophotoshop #nofilters #authentic

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If family is important to you, include a picture with your children that shows potential suitors what you’re looking for in a mate…

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Take your time, do your research, provide a complete profile – more effort upfront means more matches…

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Short and sweet profiles are more effective than long and large literary genius…

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Use one photo showing cleavage and/or with you shirtless. Sex sells - use it and you’ll get more clicks…

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The perfect profile needs a hook – after all you are trying to ‘catch’ your perfect partner…

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Your photos should reflect your interests, like your favourite car, sport or motorbike…

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Your profile should capture your personality (funny, loyal, affectionate) & what you care about (environment, music)…

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You should use the above as exemplars to help write your own perfect profile…

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Avoid online penpals that converse for weeks before meeting. Face-to-face shows if there is chemistry – Do it ASAP to save time.

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How did you do?

Less than a perfect 10?

Well then… Let us ‘Love Assist’ you:

Try our Profile Review Service to get some honest expert feedback. We will assess your current profile and recommend ways to make your profile pop. You’ll be more effective online – and since we love people who take action – we’re giving you an outrageous discount!

Sign up for our Love Assist Profile Review Service with code “PERFECT” at check-out and you’ll pay JUST $19 (regularly priced at $99).

No, this is not a typo – This is a limited offer available ONLY because you committed to Make Love Happen!

We love that.


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