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Learn at Home - Online Dater Accelerator & More

Whether you’re not sure where to start, or are online now with limited success, our Love Takes Two…It starts with YOU (L2) learning series will:

build confidence with new skills

clarify your relationship goals

use practical steps to find your authentic love connection.


Explore our L2 learning series at-home with 7 and 21-day programs.

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Love Assist Coach - The 1:1 Approach

If you respond well to one-on-one coaching or fancy a more personalised approach on your dating adventure, then working 1:1 may be right for you.

Our Love Assist Coaching service gives you 90 days with Dr J - I will work as your personal love coach to grow your love and relationship skills, using the latest research and evidence based best-practice from the L2 learning system.

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We're here to support you in your love journey - whether that is with tools from our Love Library, the at-home online learning programs, or personalized 1:1 coaching - you will gain confidence and clarity, learn 'relationship ready' skills, and be a smarter safer online dater. Just imagine how you'll feel when you've found your one...

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